Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Wee Ones Review Global Babies by Maya Ajmera

E and N here! Our ima (Hebrew for mom) said we could tell you what books we love on her blog, so that other people know what books to get babies (0-3yo). We give smiles to books we like.


We give 3 smiles (out of 2 smiles) to the board book, Global Babies by Maya Ajmera.  We love books with photos of baby faces and this one even makes us gurgle with delight.

The book tells us that no matter what, every baby is special and loved.  The pictures show babies from all over the world!  We love seeing babies of many beautiful colors.

Our ima even bought another book from the collection (Global Fund for Children Books), Global Baby Bedtime by Maya Ajmera.  She is going to get us more from this collection as we grow.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Book Review: I Love the Earth by Todd Parr

I enjoy Todd Parr books.  Sometimes I forget just how much in the big world of children's literature.  I believe Todd Parr conveys an important message in all his books through text and pictures. His text is simple and yet he conveys important messages for children to hear.  To me, his illustrations convey all the brightness of the world.

I have read many of his books, but recently I've checked out two for E and N -- The Brother Book and I Love the Earth (new title and cover for The Earth Book).  I am providing the review for I Love the Earth instead of E and N because even though they might not understand the concept yet, I want to instill within my children the meaning of "tikkun olam" (repair of the world).  

Parr sets up examples of what he loves about the Earth and reasons why so that young children can understand.  He makes connections with stars and keeping the sky clear and animals and wanting them to be safe all over the world.  The book could end up leading to an important discussion on one of many aspects of ways we could help make a difference--oceans, food for everyone, even shopping at the local farmer's market.

My hope is that you take some time to check out more of Todd Parr's books. His newest, Love the World, just came out a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

My Wee Ones Review Look Look! by Peter Linenthal

The First Ever My Wee Ones Review!

E and N here! Our ima (Hebrew for mom) said we could tell you what books we love on her blog, so that other people know what books to get babies. We give smiles to books we like. 


We give 3 SMILES (out of 2 smiles) to the book, Look Look! by Peter Linenthal.  This book has been read to us since we were newborn (10 months old now).

Our ima is a big believer in early literacy. She made sure to get this black and white board book for us even before we were born! She reads it to us practically every day and it always makes us smile (which is a big deal because it's read to us right before nap time).

We love the big black and white images and the red words on every page. Our favorite part of the book is the beginning with the flowers and children.

We love this book so much that our ima got the rest of the series. The other books are Look at the Animals!, Look Look Outside! and Look at Baby's House! All have black and white images with bright colored words.

Bye bye!