Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, Andy Shane...The Drama Of It All!

Andy Shane is NOT in Love by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Recommended for K to 2

“…Why, you are in love, Andy Shane!”

From the mouth of Delores Starbuckle comes this declaration. Oh, to be in love and not over the age of 8. Wait, are you sure Andy’s in LOVE love? No, but Dolores is. She thinks Andy is in love with the new girl, Lark--why else would he write the initials “LAB” in a heart on his notebook? Why else would he spend more and more time with Lark and not with Delores? Uh oh…here comes trouble! Andy made a snow fort with Lark, a snow fort that Delores and he had been planning to make ALL year. Will this ruin their friendship? Not if Andy’s granny has anything to do with it.

Next thing you know, Granny is leading Delores, Andy and Lark back to Lark’s house. Lark leads Andy and Delores down to the basement to show Andy which puppy is his…LAB puppy, that is. “A lab?” said Delores. “L-A-B? Oh!” So, now Delores, Andy, and Lark are all friends.

This is a great addition to the series and works well for students who like Junie B. by Barbara Park, Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows, and The Pain and the Great One by Judy Blume.

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