Sunday, September 26, 2010

“If You’re Hap—“ No, no… “If You’re A Monster And You Know It”

Grades Pre-K to 1

The other day at work I was browsing the shelves of new books and came upon Rebecca and Ed Emberley’s If You’re A Monster And You Know It. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it off the shelf—I knew I held gold. One of my first posts was for Emberley’s Go Away, Big Green Monster, which preschoolers I read to love—as in love SO much, I use it as their “treat” book at the end of a good storytelling session. I was excited to see this new monster book based off the song “If you’re happy and you know it.” The book has verses where one can “snort and growl” or “stomp your paws.”

The illustrations are true to Ed Emberley’s style—bold colors that play against a black background. These monsters are not as uniform in design as his previous book—they resemble paper cut collages, which actually makes them look cool and yet a little out there.

If you go to the Scholastic website, you can even download the song performed by Adrian Emberley. Ooooo--I can’t wait to share this with the preschoolers I read to on Tuesdays! This is a perfect book for Halloween.

Emberley, R. A. (2010). If You're A Monster And You Know It. New York City, NY: Orchard Books.

Emberley, R. (2010). If You're A Monster And You Know It. Retrieved September 26, 2010, from Scholastic:

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