Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2.14.14: A Personal Story

Coming back from our 2 year anniversary dinner, I open the door to my apartment to be greeted by a 3 foot giant panda (my favorite animal).  I'm so excited as I walk to the panda who is dressed in a Gryffindor scarf and Professor McGonagall inspired witch's hat (I'm an HP nerd).  The panda is holding a letter that says, "Read Me First."  I open the letter which is written on letterhead that looks like it is from the Ministry of Magic.  It lets me know that this wizard panda has had enchantments to make it cuddly, soft, and for this one time only, a maximum surprise.

The letter goes on to tell my boyfriend that the panda is holding his special order which I thought was the scarf.  I turn around to hug him and tell him what a great anniversary gift the panda and scarf are.  He then says, "Wait, did the special gift not come with it?"  

I turn back to the panda a little confused, but move the scarf out of the way to find an inconspicuous white box decorated in stickers that represent me--teach, running shoes, basketball shorts with a 23 (for Michael Jordan), and wrapped in purple ribbon (my favorite color).  I'm thinking, "Oooo, another gift!"  
I open the box and see a jewelry box my head I had convinced myself that my boyfriend wouldn't propose to me on our anniversary, much less Valentine's Day.  
I open the box and inside sits my engagement ring.  My boyfriend asks to borrow the box for a moment so he can ask me a question.  Getting down on one knee, he proposes to me.  I say, "yes," through tears of joy and surprise.  I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS COMING THAT DAY!  It was the perfect surprise.

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