Sunday, February 2, 2014

SI Kids Rookie Series -- Football

I am not a football fan. But, my boys in K-5 enjoy reading about football, so I seek out books for them.  I was excited when I came across Sports Illustrated Rookie Series that feature football books on ABC's, opposites, and colors.  I knew instantly from the covers that my kindergarten and 1st grade boys would LOVE them! (Yes, I judged the books by their sue me!)

The books are very well conceived for young readers.  They have full page photographs that represent the concept being referenced, the concept words are in bold colored print, and boxed-in text (easier to read).  The majority of text is only 2-3 simple sentences per page which makes it a good choice for readers who've progressed past phonics books.  Since the concept words are in larger bold stand alone text, it works for beginning readers, too.

My students have really enjoyed these titles and I even have my older students checking them out.

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