Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let's Test This Puppy Out! My Library Center Concept

It took some trial and error, but library centers are good to go! They occur during checkout day for my students. Students rotate with their color table teams through 3-4 centers each checkout day (7-8 min)--kindergarten and 1st grade stay at their seats for a few centers (exception: computers) and 2nd-5th rotate to tables/computers. I worked on a flip chart for the rotations management and tweaked it till each class had a specific amount of centers depending upon class size. 

There are 12 different centers, but only 5-7 are made available at a time (switch out the center signs above). Since students only get to visit 3-4 centers, they pick up where they stopped off last time (marked by the highlighted bar above). This makes it fair for computer use since there are two consistent computer centers. 

Here is a list of the centers:
Library Skills
Reading Comprehension
Author Study
Fact Finder
Word Work
Listening Center
Online Reading Comprehension
Book Game
Rotating Center (holiday related or paper puzzles)

Most centers and their supplies are contained within plastic magazine holders I got from the Target dollar section.  Nothing fancy, but they are portable and get the job done. I am lucky that my school's library has enough tables for students to travel away from their own seating area. Although, these centers work with students staying at their tables (since that is what my younger ones do).

I could go on and on about centers, but that's what future posts are for!

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