Friday, March 21, 2014

Special Spring Break Edition: RtI Spring Break Packs

I wish I had thought of making folder packs before.  This year, for my RtI students in 1st and 2nd grade, I made them little spring break packs.  All the work included would be considered light, so they could have fun learning during break.  

Their folders included the following:

  • a list of sight words/high frequency words
  • an "I Spy" sheet of sight words
  • magazines geared towards a younger audience, Chirp and chickaDEE
  • two of them had a laminated manila folder with alphabet post-its to build sight words
During their last RtI session before break, I introduced them to the pack so they would be familiar with it and could take ownership in showing a parent.  They would be able to use their list of sight words in multiple ways--from just reading off the list to using the list to look through the magazines for words they know.  The "I Spy" sheets are literally just a white sheet of paper with 20-25 sight words written in all directions all over the paper.

My students seemed very excited to be taking these packs home with them.  I hope to hear that they put them to some use when we come back from break.

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