Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Got Ants in Your Pants? GoNoOdle!

My mom texted me several weeks ago to say she had seen this new brain break website called  I decided to check it out.  Verdict: It's cool!  For those of you who don't know...

A brain break is a short movement activity that helps to refocus students during the school day.
This entire site is dedicated to brain breaks of various kinds--focusing, energizing, and calming.  You create a free account and then either use the demo teacher mode to play or enter your classes information and select a "champ." 

Since I have multiple classes, it has let me enter all of them and I appreciate that.  You press the "play" button and are then taken to a huge selection of brain breaks.  They have brain breaks that students are familiar with, such as Continental Drift (Ice Age), Happy (Pharrell Williams), and Have Fun Teaching. Other ones that I just discovered, like To The Maximo (kids yoga) and Bodyspell (students use their bodies to spell out sight words).

Some of my classes recognize the program because their classroom teachers use it, but I'm here to spread the word so that more teachers use it.  The more popular this site becomes, the more brain breaks they can distribute.  Every time your class completes a brain break, they receive minutes that go towards "leveling up" and transforming your "champ" into a big, strong creature just like your students are working their brain muscles.

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