Sunday, April 27, 2014

NPR Book News Happiness Study

What librarian wouldn't want to see the following bit of news from NPR?! "Going to the library gives people the same kick as getting a raise does."  I must confess a trip to the public library does for me...but, I'm giddy that I tote around three different public library cards.  I guess I also have the prejudice of being a librarian.  

This little blurb of news has me wondering if my students feel the same way.  I had to stop, think, and realize...
I wish more of my students could experience the public library and not just the school library or book mobile.  The nearest public library is a little over 3 miles away and many of my students would have to walk for one reason or another.  

It's sad to think that they are missing the freedom to just grab a book off the shelf and read for hours.  They don't get the exposure to other community members reading.  Not to mention all the free programs they miss that gives them something productive to do.

At least they've been provided a little exposure to public library through school for the summer and winter reading clubs.  Which is why I'm happy that the summer reading club starts about halfway through May this year (the same week as Children's Book Week).  This gives students a chance to read some school library books before summer break.

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