Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reflection on Character Ed Conference

My educational philosophy encompasses many ways to support and encourage the growth of my students.  I believe strongly in character education leading my students in this direction.  I consider myself blessed to be able to reach out to all the students in my building since I am the library/media specialist.  My position allows me to foster a love for reading, teach lifelong skills for using the library/research/technology, and create a safe place  to learn.  

Last week, I attend the 20th CharacterPlus National Conference in St. Charles, MO.  I didn't realize how much I enjoy the idea of teaching my students and not just expecting them to know how to be respectful, responsible, peaceful, safe, and have self-control until this conference.  I always strive to have my students follow the PBIS influenced traits for my school.  But, to see the way other schools approach the tactic of character makes me realize there is so much more to offer.

This 2-day conference was "jolted" into being with inspirational keynotes, sessions that included whole schools sharing the run-down of how they work together to bring about Character Ed, a student mentoring program, and even a book study group that will last long after the conference is over.  I learned so much that I want to bring through in my teaching.  I want my students to know that everyday, they are loved and that I believe in them.  To be in a place where everyone else had the same thoughts and philosophies was comforting.

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