Sunday, August 17, 2014

Your Next Read Will Be...

This post!  Ha ha!

While searching other sites and blogs to come up with a way for students to be self-sufficient when it came to choosing the next book they would read, I came across the free no sign-up required  It is simple to use with the search feature on the home page.  All students have to do is enter the title of a book, author or genre they like and up pops suggestions for them!

I chose this site over the others I was researching because it displays book covers and doesn't overwhelm the student with millions of choices (and again, no sign-up).  It simply displays a graphic web of 8 other titles.  You are not guaranteed to get back 8 results, but user recommendations can be suggested.  The user can even agree or disagree that the the suggested books would be a good match.  

The site has additional features, but really all I want is bare bones book recommendations.

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