Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hammering In Dewey Decimal

That's how I feel when I begin teaching my students Dewey Decimal.  At first, they resist and only want to hear the Dewey Decimal rap.  This year for library centers, I wised up and put WAY TOO much time into making a Promethean Board flipchart with containers and sounds that ended up being a Dewey Decimal matching game and voila, it's fun!  I provide students with a portable Dewey Decimal guide (laminated pages held together by a ring) and they go to town.  Since they have only 8 minutes, I don't even care if they make all the matches, I just wanted them to understand how to use the guide and then to start to see how the numbers connect to subjects.  

There is another library center where students look through Dewey Decimal scavenger hunt cards** that say clues like, "You have to list 50 words in German and what they mean," they need to figure out which section (using the guides pictured above), and where the section is located.  Most only find one or two books, but they were able to make the connection between subject, section number, and number on spine label of books.

**I would give credit to the person who created these, but have lost the name.

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