Sunday, January 18, 2015

Peace With Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Every year I teach my Shabbat School kindergarten students about Dr. King, I use a storybook and the journal, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Me.  I added another hands on activity and shortened the journal by one page.  The second page of the journal takes a lot of writing and I think my young students benefit more from the other comparisons the journal makes.  Typically, the recommended story for the journal is My Brother Martin and Me by Christine King Farris.  

I used the book As Good As Anybody because I like the idea of students changing their thinking to "no matter what somebody says to put me down, I need to remember that I am as good as anybody."  Here is my review of the book, which if you notice is marked for older grades, but my kindergartners understood what they needed to get out of the book.

The project they made during class was a peace plate I found on Pinterest.  It was easy, but the results were really cool.  They were all proud of their work.

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