Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Invisible Hero? Captain Nobody Book Review

After I finished wiping my tears away because this was such a good read, I wanted to shout from the rooftops that I would like to be Newt Newman's friend.  Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford is a story about Newt's relationships with those around him and especially with himself.  Newt is a 10-year-old growing up in a high school football lovin' town and of course his brother, Chris, happens to be the star player on the team.  At the big game, Chris is knocked into a coma and is sent to recuperate in the hospital.  Newt is distraught because this is his big brother who he admires and thinks the world of him.

Meanwhile, Newt's friends, Cecil and JJ, decide they want to try and help him take his mind off his brother.  The three friends feel invisible to the world and plan on getting noticed.  A plan is hatched for Halloween--put together a unique costume that will get you noticed.  The invigorating feeling Newt feels once he puts on random odds and ends of his brother's sports equipment gives him a new lease on life.

Feeling a sense of security, Newt decides to keep his Captain Nobody costume on the day after Halloween.  Cecil and JJ decide that Newt really will be some type of superhero, so they decide to use walkies and send distress calls to Newt.  One distress call involves JJ wanting the jewelry store to correct their grammar on signs!  But, when Newt goes in to inform the store owners of their grammatical mistake, he actually foils a robbery!!  Captain Nobody is coming to the rescue?!

Newt has several other unbelievable incidences that he plays hero to, but the one he most needs to help he doesn't seem to know how...can he wake up Chris?

I listened to this story on audio and I would stay in my car after I parked just to hear the end of some situations.  I was ripe with tears at the end of this story and it left me with a good feeling days after.

Dean Pitchford's site has chapter and audio samples, as well as a study guide for you to download.

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