Sunday, January 24, 2016

Automata, Hugo Cabret, and Book Club

My lightbulb moment...

During the summer, I visited St. Louis Science Center's Makerspace area.  There is an area where they hold classes and they feature display windows of student creations.  One of the creations was paper automatons.  I went home and looked up the workshops offered and read more about the automaton.  

All of the sudden my brain went--


Many emails and calls with my local youth services librarian at St. Louis County Library later, she had set up an automata workshop in conjunction with the Science Center!  I had coordinated with the reading specialist at my school and we decided to hold a book club for avid readers in 5th grade.  The first book picked is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick!  

The students love this book!  They are intrigued by "reading" the pencil sketched drawings to understand the story along with the text.  They keep passing me in the hallways telling me how far they've read.  Some have even finished the story!  They want to read another book by Brian Selznick.  I'm happy to one up, Marvels!

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