Sunday, July 10, 2016

EdTech Review: Biblionasium

I remember geeking out over finding Biblionasium last school year in some random thread or blog post.  I IMMEDIATELY emailed every teacher that had 1:1 in my school (3rd-5th).  Amazingly, my mind was rational and I told them all I would love to collaborate and use this tool NEXT school year!  What?!  I didn't say right here, right now?!  Ah-MAAZ-ing!  That's what I think of that moment and the edtech tool I had just discovered.  

Biblionasium is a kid-friendly online book tracking site, similar to Goodreads for adults (friend me).  Teachers can sign-up for free and they can add their students or send a parent letter the site provides asking them to do that instead.  Students keep track of their reading, review books, and recommend books to others all within the privacy of the Biblionasium world.  Teachers can track reading logs, create goals, challenges, groups, and run reports.

This is how I'm beginning to use Biblionasium...
I set up a group to:
  • share with students what I'm reading (I have a physical display of this in my library, too)
  • promote new books in the library which I can share with teachers and students
  • share books with Lexiles 1000+ that are appropriate for 4th-5th grade (and so I could get rid of the shelf on my Goodreads)

I'm looking forward to what others ways not only I can use this site, but all the ways students and classroom teachers will use the site during the school year.

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