Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Many Different Flavors of Dot (Day)

Every September 15-ish, schools across the globe celebrate Dot Day which encourages creativity, courage, and collaboration in honor of Peter Reynolds book, The Dot.  My school was no exception--in fact it wasn't just Dot Day, but Dot Week!  Students in grades K-4 found a way to make their mark and then see where it takes them.

The (free) activities that week included all grades listening to The Dot read aloud (used the version on Epic) and watching Peter Reynolds 'Ready, Set, Draw-ish' episode from KidLit TV while creating their own dot drawings.  

K-2 danced and sang along with Emily Arrow's The Dot Song Motions Guide 

and then made their own Dot Day bookmarks...

3rd grade used QuiverVision's Dot Day coloring sheet that allowed them to turn their dots into 3D spheres using an iPad app...

4th grade used Google Draw to create digital Dot Day artwork.

It was such a dot-abulous week that led to a high demand for Peter Reynolds books to checkout!

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