Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Not My Library, but OUR Library"

I noticed people in my school using the term "your library" or "Mrs. Ehll's library" and it didn't feel quite right.  I want everyone--especially the students--to feel like it is their library media center, too.  I'm a big believer in the students having ownership and responsibility of the library media center.  

One simple step...

Right above the library media center's door are large painted letters that say "Library".  It took some thinking, but an idea sprang to mind where I would simply put the letters "OUR" in front of the sign.  Well, the idea grew and I decided to let students sign the letters to really make it personalized.

I took butcher paper and cut out the letters then had them laminated.  During Back to School night, I put out the letters for students to sign with wet erase markers.  I even put out the letters the first two weeks of school for students to sign. 

I couldn't wait anymore after that and HAD to put the letters up!

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