Sunday, December 12, 2010

All You Need Is Love, Humor, And Friendship

Recommended for grades 8-12

The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg should be read by every high school girl--whether they are in a relationship, plan on it, or not. Humor, truth, friendship, The Beatles, and remaining true to yourself—this is one awesome and refreshing book!

The protagonist, Penny Lane (yes, she is named after the Beatles song), has decided she is fed up with high school boys and dating. During the summer before her junior year, she finally got to have a relationship with Nate, the boy she thought was the one. He said all the right things and made her feel special, but Penny catches him cheating—he blames her for it. Penny decides enough is enough!

Penny decides to start The Lonely Hearts Club, referencing the Beatles—she is the solo member. Pretty soon, Diane, who was Penny’s best friend up until 7th grade, when she dropped everything (including Penny) to date Ryan, asks to join (Ryan secretly dumped her at the end of their sophomore year, but they remain friends). Soon after, Penny’s current loud-mouth, opinionated best friend, Tracy decides to join. Before you know it, more and more girls want to know about the club and join—a revolution has begun!

Club rules are established, meetings are held on Saturday nights, the girls eat lunch together at school, decide to go to Homecoming together (and are a HIT at Homecoming), and support each other through difficult decisions. Diane, Penny, and Tracy are the friends every high school girl should have—I would have loved being friends with them. The way the girls stand up for each other and problem solve, and support each other through many issues is incredible.

But what should Penny do when one of the nicest and not to mention cutest guys at school starts to show an interest? Is Penny in over her head? What’s a girl to do? Well, there’s no chance she will lose herself for a guy, she has plenty of friends to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What a great way to start my winter break from school!

Eulberg, E. (2009). The Lonely hearts club. New York City, NY: Scholastic Point.

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