Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Only Fun Part Of Holiday Shopping Is Shopping For Kids

I know, shocking, right?! But guess what I get the kids I know? Books! I only have three little kids I shop for, all under the age of four, and all celebrate Christmas (none of my Jewish friends have kids yet, including myself). But none-the-less, I went to Borders with my mom today and got my shoppin’ on! One highlight buy of my trip was a book called Bugs! The book is pretty cool—it comes with a storybook (that contains bug facts in the margins) and bug toys. The pages are thicker and made of board and foam—it’s a cute size too.

I bought Olivia Helps with Christmas by Ian Falconer for the oldest girl, 3 and a half. FUNNIEST book of my week! I stood in the bookstore reading, cracking up the whole time. I know Olivia is funny, but this one goes the extra mile. There are scenes in the book, where not only does Olivia get tangled in the “twinkly” lights, her mom plugs them in to make it easier to detangle after. It gets better--Olivia decides to help set the table and her mom is impressed, especially with the little tree Olivia finds…until you unfold the one page spread and see that Olivia miraculously took the top off the family’s Christmas tree!

And one of my other favorite scenes is Christmas morning, when Olivia’s mom lets Olivia and her siblings (who can’t take their eyes off the presents even to eat) know that after they finish breakfast, they can open their presents…open the two page spread and all the kids ditched their food for the presents, even the baby—Olivia’s father makes the comment, “It looks like someone just learned to walk.” Oh Olivia, I have new found respect for you (or should I say Ian Falconer).

Back to the topic at hand--The littlest girl I know, who is one, I got a Sweet Sesame plush board book collection for her—four Sesame Street books, each with their own theme—Love, Kisses, Smiles and Hugs. It’s Sesame Street, can’t really go wrong with that one.

I know its a little last minute, but if you need book ideas for kids, just holler!

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  1. well, this is just great, Amanda - now i have to get the Olivia book for my class, and change my lesson plans - i should always pay attention when you're buying books. btw, how culturally responsive is a pig? plenty, at least for us, since your great grandmother raised them!

  2. ope, and you forgot to say that books with bloody shark teeth, anything shark, especially with photographs are awesome for reluctant readers! my boys are going to be so excited when they see the new DK & Nat Geo dinosaur, planes, and shark level 1 & 2 readers today! & i'm not being gender biased - i'll document the evidence!! i'm a little excited myself! 3 days 'til winter break & my kids r going to be READING!