Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Which Moxy Maxwell Earns Another Admirer

I just finished listening to two Moxy Maxwell books this past week.  I think I have a literary crush...or maybe I have a thing for the way the author, Peggy Gifford writes.  Moxy Maxwell series was one of those books that I would pass while working at Borders and wonder if I should read it...and then when I finally do, I wonder why I waited so long.  Moxy Maxwell is what Junie B. would be like at the age of ten.  

In Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little, Moxy spends the whole summer avoiding reading Stuart Little.  The ironic thing about this is that her mom makes Moxy carry it around almost wherever she goes (like they were "best friends") just in case she felt in the mood to read.  There were going to be consequences if this book was not read.

Moxy decides she will read during the "in between" times of the day, but there never seem to be many because Moxy always finds something that just seems to be more important.  This more important stuff to Moxy involves some hijinks, such as cleaning her room (by shoving everything under the bed), planting a peach orchard, and the accidental drowning of her mother's prized flower garden.

Moxy's misadventures are documented by her twin brother, Mark--and if you read the book, you get to see the photo illustrations throughout.
At the very last possible moment, Moxy is shocked that she never realized just how cute Stuart Little looks on the front cover of the book.  She wonders what an adventure in his little red car would be like and there begins Moxy's next great adventure--reading.

In Moxy's next adventure, it's right after Christmas and Moxy's mother expects her to write 12 thank you notes before her trip to visit her father in Hollywood, whom she hasn't seen in three years.  Moxy does not think it is a good use of her time to write thank you notes, even if enjoys the gifts she received.  Moxy manages to think of a brilliant (in her mind) idea to use her stepfather's new Christmas copier and a can of gold spray paint (which she is forbidden to use). 

In the end, Moxy's trip is canceled due to her father (the topic of divorce is mentioned).  But, Moxy doesn't let that disappoint her for long.  It is a very sweet ending.

I told my mom, a second grade teacher, about these books, so she could suggest them to her students. I will definitely be purchasing and recommending these books to my students.

Gifford, Peggy.  Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little and Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You Notes. 2008 & 2009. Yearling.

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