Monday, January 21, 2013

Onward We Must Go

Instead of just viewing this day as a day off from school, I did spend time throughout the day reflecting on Dr. King and his many accomplishments.  Not just his accomplishments, but those who chose to pick up the torch he lit and run walk with it.  "Walk" fits so much better than run because leaders, like MLK, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, and President Barack Obama have taught us that not all change happens in the blink of an eye.  It takes ambition, strength, courage, and patience to see them through.

These are traits that teachers must possess as well.  The year might be "running" by, but the patience to walk through it and try and make change is so important.  Teachers are ambitious--taking on almost the complete growth and learning of 20 or so students each year.  It always takes strength to pull through each year--even during an "easy" (rarely do those exist) year.  Every teacher has the courage to keep moving forward year after year.

50 years ago, Dr. King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech--the dream that I want to help keep alive.  Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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