Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting My Promoting Reading Groove Back

Determined to teach my students skills they would need to succeed in the world, I don't feel as if I pushed books and reading as much as I could have this past school year (even my blog reflected this).  Don't get me wrong, my students still had these values promoted to them with checking out books, learning to use a Nook, book fairs, and our annual Read Across America day.  I just want this coming school year to be different.  I realized that at the end of this school year when I gave students two chances at independent reading during their centers time for the last month of school and they really enjoyed themselves.  My 2nd graders even got two book parties, one celebrating Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie the other Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat.  

This coming school year, I'm embracing my inner book geek (or bookseller) again.  I've decided to keep up with promoting books and reading with a few book parties for every grade level during their library time.  I also want to focus on author studies/spotlights...hoping most of them can be in correlation with the books being celebrated.  I've decided to try out two capstone projects for each grade level, one of which will be a reading/book-based project and the other being a library/technology skill.

The classroom management system I plan on implementing will encourage reading and not just positive behavior.  Extra books to checkout, read the whole time during library, get the cool reading spot in the library, or reading online via one of the many virtual book websites I have bookmarked for students.  Even returning library books on time will let students reap benefits.  

If you're interested in finding out more about my plans, just holler (comment).


  1. Hi!
    What virtual book websites do you use?

    1. I purchased Scholastic BookFlix for my school. I list several benefits of what I see in this program versus other purchased virtual sites in my blog post right after this one. Last year my younger students also enjoyed Barnes and Noble Online Storytime and This year, I also plan on letting students explore CBeeBies Storytime, Reading Planet, International Digital Library, and a few others. Hope this helps!