Monday, July 8, 2013

Organizing With Evernote

Scrapping my plans to use OneNote this upcoming year (not compatible with Vista), I decided to give the free software, Evernote, a more in-depth try.  Evernote is a virtual notebook that stores information in the "cloud".  You can create notebooks and within these notebooks, you can add notes (or pages as in what you'd see via a word processor) to type out notes, include links, upload pictures, etc.  I have the software installed on my iPad and have access through desktops as well. 

I decided to create a notebook entitled, "Elementary Library 2013-2014" and within this notebook I created several pages of notes, each titled as you see below:

School Year Calendar 2013-2014
Library Monthly Decorating
Library Jobs
Library Promotions
Library Budget
Library Wishlist
Library Curriculum

The nice thing about Evernote is that instead of copying and pasting or downloading and uploading the school calendar, all I had to do was copy the link to my school district's calendar and it is there for me to click on and access anywhere I can access Evernote.

I've decided not to overwhelm myself with last minute decorating ideas for bulletin boards this year, so I created a note that not only included my monthly board ideas, but links to the Pinterest pages of some of the ones I plan on using (I over think decorating boards, so it's better for my sanity if I borrow and tweak).

The simplicity of having so much information in one space, but not having it overwhelm visually by being all smushed onto one page is the charm to Evernote.  

Keeping it simple and feeling very accomplished.


  1. My students used to have a digital library of texts to use at all times. It was really nice that all of them could use the same texts at once.

    1. I think exposing students to cloud-based technologies is crucial in helping them find their way to becoming 21st century citizens.