Sunday, August 10, 2014

Giving a Hand at Open House

This year, I was determined to have open house be more of a student involved experience in the library.  Typically, families just want to meet the child's teacher and skedaddle.  The school I'm at now, keeps this in mind and approaches open house in a different way--they invite families for a back-to-school bbq.  Families are not required to attend any presentation, but there is a voluntary one towards the end.  Teachers stay in their classrooms and can get their own work done while waiting for students.  

Signage used to entice students into the library.

I was looking for an idea where students could contribute to a display for the library in some way.  I came across this pin.  What a great idea!  It'll make for a simple craft where all I ask students to do is trace their hand or color a hand template.  Even better, this could go on a bulletin board right outside the library starting the first week of school!  Students would be taking their first steps towards shared ownership of the library.

Open house arrived and the turnout in the library was better than I expected.  Many of the students traced their hand.  They liked hearing that their handprint would be put up the board.  Even the kindergarten students who had to finish their scavenger hunt of places around school came back when they were done to make a handprint.  The next day, I cut the hands out and finished the bulletin board.  Ta da!

Feel free to share your interactive open house ideas.

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