Sunday, July 27, 2014

That Darn Rootin' Tootin' Movie Book Conundrum!

"Don't Judge a Book By Its Movie."  WHATEVER!  I think the phrase can be dissected in so many ways... "the book is SO MUCH better than the movie"... "just because you watched the movie, doesn't mean you shouldn't read the book"... "the movie was NOTHING like the book"... or sometimes "Wow, the movie was BETTER than the book!" (don't tell me no one ever says that because I've even said that!).

So, what is really meant by this phrase?  All of the above and none of the above.  To me, it's a joke.  
Don't let what I just said ruffle your feathers too much. 

The plus side: Movies sell books.  I worked at Borders too long not to see this trend.  Books fly off the shelves and not just the movie versions.  At school, my kids will check out the books that are based on movies they've seen or will see. In fact, it's becoming more and more common to create book trailers to give a teaser for the book.  It's fun to see the hype generated for a book because it gets people reading!

Yes, there is a negative side to this argument, but why kill a reading buzz?

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